Zoom Consultation on Education & the Arts

Zoom Consultation on Education & the Arts

  • $50.00

I am now offering 40 minute Zoom consultations to parents and teachers on such subjects as:

  • Kindergarten & Grades 1-4: Classroom setup, Scheduling, Activities & Curriculum
  • Storytelling
  • Festival celebration
  • Block Crayon use
  • Waldorf water painting
  • Beeswax modeling
  • Chalk drawing
  • Intro to Knitting, Crochet, Sewing
  • Class play: playwriting, production, acting, costumes
  • Puppetry (many kinds)

 My qualifications include:

  • M.A.Ed. in Waldorf education (I am a Waldorf graduate)
  • 45 years consulting with parents interested in Waldorf education & experience as an educator, parent, & grandparent
  • Experience teaching: kindergarten (for 8 yrs.) & grades 1 through 8
  • I have taught in several Waldorf schools and homeschools
  • Founded and ran a Waldorf-style homeschool in Italy
  • Founded and helped formulate Waldorf schools in Ashland, OR & Boston, Mass
  • I have been an artist all my life & an author for many years.
  • 10-year experience in the theatre (stage, TV, and film) as a teacher, costumer & puppeteer.

I wish to share my experiences as an educational and life consultant& so am offering 40 minute Zoom sessions for only $50.