About Us

What isTeach Wonderment ?

Through Teach Wonderment, we offer a growing list of books and products that support a holistic approach to education and kindle a sense of wonderment and discovery in all.

Wonderment is the first step to learning. Wonder-filled experiences inspire creative thinking, enhance the child’s senses & heighten the child’s ability to learn about the world from different perspectives.

The Wonder-filled child, when young, is enthralled by the world. And as they develop, if they are imbued with principles of wonderment they will meet the world with curiosity, rather than with mind-closing assumptions. “Ah!” grows into “Why?” Horizons become broadened; perception heightened, and discernment focused. These strengths will ultimately serve the child throughout their life and work.

By Teaching Wonderment, you:                 

  • Captivate your child's mind
  • Engage your child's heart
  • Kindle your child's imagination &
  • Enliven your child's spirit            

Read with your children. Gift them books to read themselves. Discuss the stories.

Color with block crayons. Do crafts together. Encourage play, explore nature, make believe.   

Teach Wonderment !

Meet Sigi, founder of Teach Wonderment

Hi, Sigi here, otherwise known as Sieglinde de Francesca.

I was one of the lucky ones to have attended a Waldorf School. Then, as an adult, after a decade working in Theatre Production, I obtained my M.A.Ed. in Waldorf Education.  

After teaching kindergarten, grades 1-4, and Homeschooling (K-7) for over 35 years in the U.S.A. & Italy, I eventually "picked up the pen!" 

During that time, I had two great children, Joseph and Cristalla (also Waldorf educated). And I am now a happy Grandmother of four amazing, quickly growing grandkids (who, when they were younger, loved to hear their Mémé's stories about gnomes!)

I am also happy to say that my dear husband, Jim Guzzetta, has recently joined me as my Business Manager and is helping me bring my writing, workshops, courses and products to more children and adults, across the globe.