"Limindoor Woods" Greeting card

"Limindoor Woods" Greeting card

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This picture of Limindoor Woods is on the cover of A Donsy of Gnomes.

On the back of the card is an excerpt from the book.

   “The world of gnome is ephemeral. You must cross a threshold to enter there. That threshold is barely more than an opening in the mist. You are most likely to find the way there when you are out among the wonders of nature, particularly in an old, old forest. It is best to arrive early when wisps of the morning fog are still caught in the ferns; when droplets of dew, strung along spider silk, sparkle in the first glimpse of the sun; when there is but one distant birdsong greeting the day.”

The inside is left blank for your own message.

This card can be used as: a greeting card, Holiday card, invitation, get well card, gift enclosure, birthday card and much more. Perhaps you can think of other uses for it.

This card comes with a white envelope. Card measures 4.25” x 5.5”.