eBook of Nine Gnome Nights: book 4

eBook of Nine Gnome Nights: book 4

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Nine Gnome Nights: book 4 of the "Tales of Limindoor Woods" series is now available here as an eBook in PDF format! 

Now continuing this delightful series of gnome books, 'The Tales of Limindoor Woods', comes a Winter Tale, nine of them to be precise.

Winter has come to the magical realm of Limindoor Woods and with it the celebration of the fabled Nine Gnome Nights.

  • Join the gnomes of Limindoor as they prepare for this joyous event
  • Enjoy reading nine exciting stories
  • Celebrate the gnomes’ Wintermas with them on the Ninth Gnome Night!
  • As a bonus, there are some wise words from Mother Comfrey & a very special recipe from Meggy.

“How can you not love her books? They’re great!”                                       Aiden Mateo Bohlander, age 10, Grade 4

“There are wonders & adventures aplenty in these wise, enchanting & imaginative tales of kindness & goodness. These are stories to uplift & inspire child & parent alike.”        

 ~ Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author of Those Beautiful Eyes

These are exciting stories to savor - stories to captivate the gentle soul, yet engage the active child with humor and adventures - wise stories from a gnome-sized world where universal lessons abound.

  ~ Melisa Nielsen, of Waldorf Essentials