Dinged copy of The Guilds of Tir Na nÓg: A Collection of Celtic Dream Tales (for grown-ups)

Dinged copy of The Guilds of Tir Na nÓg: A Collection of Celtic Dream Tales (for grown-ups)

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This book, sold at a discount, is a new, unread book that will have a very minor ding or rub mark on the cover.


“In this singular gem of a book, the master storyteller’s long perfected craft reaches a glory and grace that utterly charms, in all senses of that word.” —Ann Cowart Lutzky, award-winning author, “Those Beautiful Eyes”

This book was written for you grown-ups who too deserve a window into the realms of "Magical Reality"! (There are no gnomes in these stories, but there are plenty of other elementals! ;-)

Nineteenth-century Ireland was a land of poets and crafters, rebels and dreamers; a nation of a fierce and noble people. It was a mystic land of salt and peat and honey. Find in The Guilds of Tir na nÓg a number of Celtic dream tales to transport you to that fabled time and place.

Here are haunting stories of the lives of everyday characters who encounter the unexpected and supernatural. These are stories of life, loss, and redemption, woven with threads of magic, myth, and serendipity. Travel across mist-veiled moors, ride the surly sea, enter poor stone cottages and walk the sooty, cobbled streets of Dublin. You'll encounter a curious peddler with a magical gift, a changeling child, a ghost or two, a treasure found, a myth turned real, and much more. This collection of stories celebrates a people driven by an obdurate spirit, guided by superstition, hounded by a harsh fate, and bound by a tenacious love.

Paperback   116 pages

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"This book is an exquisite masterpiece that captures dreams with beautifully poetic and masterfully descriptive words. The stories are short enough to enjoy just before bed and perfect for those on the go who may have just small amounts of time to enjoy a delightful story or two. The tales are developed with an artist's pen that transports the readers directly into the scenes. The characterization is done so marvelously in each story that the reader will feel a connection to the characters within just a couple of paragraphs. The stories can be read again and again and the reader will find new enchantment in them each time.

I highly recommend this book as it enthralls emotions and thought at a deep level, or it can just be a fun read that takes the reader on a journey into dreams of the past, present, and future. I read at least one story before I fall asleep each night, and have found that my heart and mind seem lighter and I am left with a smile on my face. Definitely, a book I will cherish in my collection." - EOD Bingo