Chocolate Bunny - book and toy, downloadable kit -KitNtale

Chocolate Bunny - book and toy, downloadable kit -KitNtale

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 You can easily print up these pages and assemble a charming little, illustrated storybook about Leon’s Chocolate Bunny.

 Then follow the included instructions to make this delightful 3½” stuffed velour rabbit. With velvety floppy ears and a pouf of a tail, it is just big enough to nestle among some treats in an Easter basket or to slip into a little pocket.

 Although only basic hand stitches are required to make the bunny, you may have to give your child some assistance with its creation.

 You will need a 5"x7" piece of soft brown velour for this kit. If you can’t find any in your scrap basket, you can go to Kit’N’ Tales Supplies and purchase a piece of velour large enough for 2 bunnies.

There are 10 pages to this download.

If you do not have the chocolate brown velour why not purchase the special kit that comes with ample fabric?