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Did you know that our alphabet letters originally arose out of pictures? It is with pictures that resemble the letters that we can best teach the letters to children!

Make teaching the letters a joyful experience with these splendid, colorful alphabet cards!

In this deck of generous 5.25” x 7.25” cards, each upper-case letter is presented by a delightful, block crayon drawn image. On the reverse side of each card, you will find clearly executed upper- and lower-case forms of the letter.

Additionally, the deck includes a handy list of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales that inspired the images. 

These wonderful cards are printed with glowing colors on quality cardstock and are shipped in an ethically made muslin bag.

You will find that this alphabet deck can be an invaluable resource for opening your child’s mind to the joys of literacy!

This deck of cards is the result of a collaborative effort between Teach Wonderment and Melisa Nielson’s Waldorf Essentials. The drawings are all original block crayon drawings done by me, Sigi.

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