A Donsy of Gnomes –  seven gentle gnome stories

A Donsy of Gnomes – seven gentle gnome stories

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A Donsy of Gnomes, seven gentle gnome stories.

Here you will meet 8 charming gnomes who teach gnome-sized lessons in generosity, selflessness, courage, resourcefulness, and friendship. Here too are practical ideas for you to create your own Gnome World with your children through plays, puppetry, costumes, nature tables, and more.

“What a perfect little book for young children! Take your child on a charming and jaunty journey through the worlds of the wee folk. It’s just the thing for sweet dreams at night or a pause in the midst of a busy day. I predict that this will be one of the books that will remain alive in your children’s hearts long after they have grown and had children of their own.” 
                                                      -- Nancy Parsons, www.waldorfbooks.com

"We are almost at the end of the book and he doesn't want it to end!" M. Engles, parent

"Our family has begun the gnome adventure with both of your books.  We love both, choosing to follow a seasonal progression with Donsy of Gnomes intermingled with a chapter or so at a time of The Way of Gnome.  We thoroughly enjoy both!  My 6 yo son loves the gnomes and we often use peg gnomes on our own adventures.  I appreciate the guidance and additional ideas you provided in the back of both of your books.  I have been reluctant to read too quickly as I don't want the fun to end too soon...hopefully just in time for another book from you!"                                                                                                 -- M.Crown, parent

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