Dinged copy of Teaching with the Fables

Dinged copy of Teaching with the Fables

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From time to time, a book will come from the printer with a small ding or some other mark on the cover. Or, a book will be returned in less than pristine condition. I feel it would be a waste not to sell such a book. Usually, the ding is barely perceptible

 Teaching with the Fables brings you everything you need to share the beauty and joy of the fables with your 2nd graders.  

Here you will find 3 extended fables with poems, illustrations, and suggestions for additional lesson work. Learn how to:

  • extend a fable into a full, engaging story
  • illustrate a fable with crayons and watercolors
  • write a poem about the fable or its characters
  • create a play or puppet show about the fable
  • sculpt the fable characters with wax or clay
  • create a natural science lesson around a fable