7 ready made Donsy of Gnomes Greeting Cards

  • $23.00

This lovely set of 7 cards features the 8 Donsy gnomes: Pebble, Brother Acorn, Gilly, Bracken, Teasel & Tweed, Tommy Tomten and Mossy.

The charming illustrations from A Donsy of Gnomes are now alive with color. On the back of each card is an excerpt from the book about the gnome imaged. The inside is left blank for your own message.

Card measures 4.25” x 5.5” and comes with its own envelope.

These cards can be used as greeting cards, Holiday cards, invitations, get well cards, gift enclosures, birthday cards & much more. Perhaps you can think of other uses for them as well.

So sorry, but we are unable to get all of these printed at this time. We have several of them, but not the set. If you wish, you can contact Sigi and ask which cards are still in stock.

Also, of course, you can print them yourself. Just look a bit further on the Teach Wonderment site.