Basic Gnomekin Kit - for one pocket-doll & instructions

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What is a Gnomekin?

A Gnomekin is a wee, 3“wooden pocket-doll (+ a 2½” hat) with poseable arms and a very handy Gnome Bag to collect treasures in.

This Gnomekin comes to you in the form of a KIT that requires only basic crafting skills to make.

A Gnomekin Kit includes all the necessary parts to make the body of a single Gnomekin - including wool roving for a beard in your choice of color. 

You need only provide the felt to dress the gnome & and to make his bag.

With it also comes a downloadable, fully illustrated, 24 page manual, complete with clear crafting instructions, all of the clothing patterns and more.

You need only provide:

  • Some very basic crafting tools
  • And your choice of mere 4” squares of felt for Gnomekin’s clothing & his very important Gnome Bag.

Download the manual today. You can read through it and gather the fabric for Gnomekin’s clothes, all before the kit parts arrive to you in the mail.


Little Gnomekin will love to explore your child’s world & to act out your child’s favorite gnome stories.

Let your child enjoy the process of making their own Gnomekin. What better way for a child to learn a skill than when they are eager to take on a new and exciting project?

Or, perhaps you will consider Gnomekin as a gift. What a lovely gift he would be to accompany any of your favorite gnome stories.

For a complete kit that includes four colors of wool-blend felt for his clothes and bag, and a printed, illustrated instruction book look for the Gnomekin Special Kit.